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Designing award-winning spaces for over a decade. At Mrs Louise design, we believe that the best spaces are truly individual and a reflection of you. Let your home tell your story. Inspirational interior design is at the heart of every project, and we strive to create characterful homes full of warmth, layering and texture that allow carefully chosen furnishings, objects and art to take a clear focus. We will strive to find you the unique and beautiful pieces to enjoy for a lifetime. Beginning with research and inspiration, we will brainstorm with you to find the most efficient, functional and elegant solution, while always being aware of all practical measures such as storage, budget and timeline. We are super organised, and approach our projects methodically, offering a full design and project management service. We work with a trusted team of highly skilled craftspeople and contractors that we have built up over many years to move your project smoothly from concept to completion. Above all, we really value the relationships we build with our clients, keeping their dreams and desires at the heart of everything we do.


Louise is brilliant at what she does! She is very experienced and has an incredible eye. Louise is very generous with her time and great to have on a project as she has so much energy and vision. By taking the time to get to know us, Louise has helped us transform our house into a home which really feels like our home. We could not be more thrilled and could not recommend Louise more highly!Read More

Louise is a warm and instinctive designer who has transformed our 5 bed semi into a wonderful, flexible home. Louise is always quick to respond to queries and endlessly patient over changes of mind, which reflects her determination to end up with the right result for her client. Visitors often tell me "Your house is just like you" - which I think demonstrates Louise's ability to understand and reflect the client's personality in her design. Having been walled up at home for so many months (and at times being 6 adults and a spaniel), we have all really appreciated the value of her input. The furniture and sanitary equipment she has chosen has all stood up well to intensive use, my gorgeous loft bedroom and bathroom are a welcome escape from the hordes below and my lovely pink study with gold touches is the envy of many on Zoom!Read More

Louise has helped me and friends on house projects and I cannot praise her enough. She has an amazing eye as well as being very empathetic so does a wonderful job at pushing her clients just a little bit out of their comfort zone but leaves them with an amazing result that suits them and that they love. On our projects she has skilfully mixed in items we already had with new additions to raise the whole look to something fab.Read More

I've worked with Louise to transform my house over the last 5 years. She helped pick a fantastic colour scheme (that I’d never have thought of), helped with furniture and soft furnishings and manages all the building works. She has also provided great ongoing support when we’ve wanted to do odd bits and bobs since. Highly recommended.Read More

A few short statements . I absolutely love being in my house Everyone who comes to see me is blown away ! Almost straight away it was home Too elaborate a little . I had strong ideas about what I wanted and Louise made them a reality with the minimum of fuss . While also suggesting a few things which i would never have done but now love . I wasn't around much initially and Louise oversaw the early building works and managed the project very efficiently .We more or less came in on time and budget was pretty close to original estimate. If we went over it was only me spending more on the finishing touches and final detailsRead More

I have been working in the UK as a builder for 20 years now and over that time have worked very closely with a number of interior designers. Sometimes it is a good experience, other times it is a frustrating and ultimately disappointing experience for both my team and the client – I can with confidence state that this has never been the case when I have worked with Louise Matthews. I am always delighted when she calls and wants to talk to me about a job and appreciate that she sees me and my team as partners on any job we do together. I think that this means a smoother, happier and more satisfying experience for her clients. Louise brings a variety of skills to her role Louise has great ideas that are attractive, innovative and practical. Louise has an excellent understanding of the practical side of the job, both in terms of budget and timing. Louise is flexible – there are inevitably issues and obstacles that occur on every job. Louise has a great can-do attitude that looks to work around any problems, while maintaining a strict focus on delivering for her client. Louise has excellent communication skills, she is always looking to keep both my team and her client informed at all times, and is available whenever I have needed to talk to her. Louise brings the same enthusiasm to every job, no matter the size.Read More

I've worked with Louise over the last five years and she has completely overhauled my living spaces. From advice on colour schemes, to choosing furniture, to managing building works it has been a complete pleasure. Apart from having fantastic taste (something I don't have the headspace for) she really listens to my needs and sources excellent deals and products that makes a house that we can live happily in and isn't a museum!Read More

Louise was amazing! Professionally she is calm, methodical with the most incredible vision and style. She takes what the client wants and improves it in every way. She guides you into creating a superior version both in functionality and design. Louise makes the whole process fun and stress free. Working with her is like spending time with a friend as she listens to what’s important to you and then makes it all happen! Whether you would like to be fully involved or hands off she is the perfect designer to deliver your dream room/ home.Read More

After seeing her stunning work in my parents house and some family friends house in London, I was so excited for Louise to work on our house in Leeds. Louise is simply ingenious! Whether it be the bathroom tiles, the colour of the walls, the furniture, or the soft furnishings, Louise has such a brilliant eye at picking things out. She really listens to what we would like and incorporates this in all her suggestions. She has helped us create a vision and colour scheme for the entire house to achieve the stylish but homely feel we are aiming for. I couldn't recommend her highly enough! Thank you Louise!Read More

Hi there I'm Andi Qatja I know Mrs Louise since 2017 we worked in a few jobs together who was a very good experience. She is so creative and so nice to everyone, I love her jobs and I give her maximum points thank you very much for all Louise it is so nice to work with you. Kind regards AndiRead More

Louise was the much needed interior design inspiration when we did a loft conversion, two bedrooms and bathroom. She not only has great taste but she tailored her design to meet our needs. Always on my side, enthusiastic and never phased by dealing with multiple suppliers, builders etc. I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her on our next project.Read More

Working with Louise has been a wonderful experience. Always client centric and pragmatic in her approach, with an innate ability to combine textures and colours, she works closely with her team to achieve interesting and creative solutions for her clients. Anyone who works with Louise in any capacity - be it as a client, collaborator or contractor is sure to be very happy with the process and the results.Read More